About Lily



I am an organizational passionista, marketing / growth hacker and caped crusader.  Designing, business systems and coaching is my jam; it’s what I’ve been doing for 20+ years.

The Origen Thrive Program is the sum product of my experience and the many hats I’ve worn as a creative director, communications / marketing consultant and business owner: designer, strategist, writer, marketer, rain-maker, innovator, publicist, crisis manager, storyteller, entrepreneur, grant maker and relationship builder.  Having graduated from the school of hard-knocks of entrepreneurship and business ownership first-hand, I know how easy it is to get caught in the weeds of managing the day-to-day work and losing sight of the bigger picture.  As a consultant I have also seen this plague business owners over and over; and at a high price in terms of time, quality of life and opportunity lost.  After years of witnessing this dilemma, my crusade became very clear:  save the valiant, driven and committed entrepreneurs and business owners from years of unnecessary pain, trial and error.  Working with user-friendly road-maps, I cut to the chase with simplified, actionable, proven systems and processes to help businesses get to the next level and go forth to do good in the world.   With an insatiable appetite for learning, I continuously evolve the program to include best practices and lessons learned from the startup and hi-tech mecca of Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area, where I work and reside.

A few of my favorite things:  when I’m not helping clients succeed, my work/life balance includes…

All things nature: hiking, advocacy…

Sun salutations




I’d say food, but have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like food?


Let’s connect. I always enjoy hearing from passionate people and learning about what drives you.